Services We Provide

TymeTech is is not just an ordinary Tech Company you know. We offer wide range of services in all aspect of need. Our services satisfies all institutional and organizational IT needs. Our services are also for all local and startup companys. 

Video VFX Editing

TymeTech gives your videos that amazing and classic effect for both corporate and Entertainment standards

Graphic Design

We take pride in delivering Intelligent Designs and amazing graphic content from concept to delivery

Web Design

We deliver compelling and functional websites for your Company. • Custom Design • Responsive Design • Web Design • UX & UI Design

Web Development

• E-commerce • Backend Development • CRM Integrations • WordPress Development and many more

Social Media Management

With over millions of people flooding social media, our team is available to help u create awareness and growth for you company


Package Design • Brand Identity • Digital Product Design • Corporate Branding

Interactive Multimedia

How to present information to your audience is a key growth to your company that is why we develop all kinds of adverting videos from Doodle videos, animations and many more..

SEO optimization

We help you obtain top ranking on Google and help drive qualified leads that are crucial to your business.



Yes! you don't have to look further. @ TymeTech, we build High end system units for all purposes. We are actually Gamers lol. LET US BUILD FOR YOU

Interactive Multimedia contents to grow your business

We deliver rich, Interactive content videos and presentations to like doodle videos, animations and many more to help reach out to thousands with your business ideas and concept.

Watch a sample by pressing play

Business Increase

You receive up to 98%  business boost when you are able to communicate your business to the world with highly, interactive and rich content videos and presentations . 
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We have wowed organizations and institutions with our remarkable delivery of services. Ranging from churches to hospitals to governmental Instituions

Speed & Accuracy

Talk of Speed and Accuracy, our team are ready to deliver your work even before you know it. Time is value and TymeTech understands its value

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We know you are asking the big question, WHY TYMETECH?

We are Technocrats

We always utilizing cutting edge technology for providing best services for our customers. Whatever we do, we do it Best than any other. We are always a step ahead of others when in comes to Tech. 

We are Affordable

We provide our services at the most affordable rates and guarantee best prices in the market. We help keep your online costs down and still deliver quality products & services that you can rely on.

We are creative & Simple

The creative minds of our team is WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE AND DIFFERENT. We break IT grounds with remarkable solutions and yet we still stay SIMPLE AND FRIENDLY. We are that cool to work with. HONEST AND HELPFUL

Who are we, Where from Us?

Tymetech is a Tech company in Accra, the awesome capital of Ghana . Tymetech has been in the industry for a while. We are a group of Young, Intellegent and Technocrats who are aiming to make available, all IT needs you can think of, including those you havent even thought of, available to all across the globe. Imagine finding all your IT needs @ a Single STOP which is just a click away from you


Your online presence is what helps businesses grow by having a high visibility among potential customers. Any business, big or small, should have the online presence as well as the social media presence as a key part to their business growth. So here is what we can do for you as a Company

  • Managing Social Media pages for Agencies/MDA's/Companies both local and Government

  • Offering, Social Media Courses to Agencies/MDA's/Companies both local and government

  • Monitoring, Analysis, Crisis Management etc

  • Content Building And Optimization

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Complete Projects


Costumer Satisfactory


Delivery Precision



Always stand in the first place

Trained as industrial designers we have a deep-rooted belief in rational function and sustainable aesthetics. Our methodical approach to all web projects & graphical works are

Brain Storming & Planning

We always want every business to have that unique feel. That is why @ TymeTech, We brainstorm together, to understand in depth, your goals, what you plan to achieve and how effective we can put that into reality for you to be on top of all your competitors

Gathering Contents & Design

Having Brainstormed to know the necessary details pertaining to your concept, we now gather all the necessary contents to make your goals come true. From there the Design concept is drawn to move to the next stage

Development & Testing

With the power of creative minds, our young,technocrat team develops a mockup design, pass it on for feedback to better complete the project. We then transit the project to another team for testing making sure, all loopholes are sealed with maximum security

Deployment, Analysis & Maintenace

We deploy the project for a time period to see how the project is able to stand diverse conditions. Gathering the results from the analysis team. We improve on the project if there need be. If not, then Viola

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We deliver all kinds of Multimedia Services


Feel the rich content of our Multimedia Services

Animation Works

We deliver all kinds of animated art works, Doodle animated videos, Ex plainer videos, 2D & 3D animated videos

We Teach You How to Do it

From adobe premiere, down to Wondershare, to FIlmora and all other video editing software. Our Team is ready to help you master them

Live Streaming Services

Are you planning on setting up a streaming Service for your church or any organization? Our team can help you with that

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